Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Camp CommUNITY


Since 1982, Camp CommUNITY has empowered thousands of youth to create more inclusive and just communities where everyone is treated with respect and understanding. Formerly Anytown Texas, this annual leadership retreat is for entering high school juniors, seniors and recent High School graduates in the Tarrant County area. Camp CommUNITY is designed to educate Delegates to be responsible leaders and social change advocates in our diverse community. 

Each year students from various backgrounds, beliefs, experiences and opinions come together for a five-day sleep-away camp. Camp CommUNITY provides Delegates with a place to voice opinions, create experiences, and belong.

Camp CommUNITY includes:
  • Cabin groups
  • Family groups
  • Heritage Night
  • Talent Show and Pizza
Meet new people - make friends
Be 100% yourself

Camp CommUNITY 2017 will be Wednesday June 28 to Sunday July 2.
For more information review the 2017 brochure or contact the MCA office.We are currently accepting Camp CommUNITY 2017 applications (Solicitud Delegado) for participants. 

Send your completed application ASAP. 
When all spots are filled, students will be placed on a waitlist and notified, if spots are available. 

At MCA, we never want the financial cost to keep people from participating in our events. If you are interested, you can donate a scholarship to a deserving student to allow them the opportunity to attend Camp CommUNITY

Camp CommUNITY video

Are you an Anytown, TX or Camp CommUNITY Alumni? Update Alumni Information

"The staff expects you to be 100% yourself." - Ciarra M.     "Camp CommUNITY empowered me to know the reasons why I am, who I am, and why I must always fight for what I want and make the best of the world I live in." - Nayelly D.        After Camp CommUNITY, I now live a more effective, more joyful, more peaceful life…a life of kindness and sharing and better understanding." - Shalma M.



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